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Jul 8, 2010

A Hopping Day (St.Kilda - Almost Geelong - Docklands - Greco (Crowns) - Melbourne Central)

The boys' last day in Aussie Land. It was a Sunday, so St.Kilda beach it was for the sunday market along the beach area. They have this sort of flea market there every Sunday.

Met up with Keith, and had lunch at the 'Fish n Chips shop' that I ate at the last time I was there. Tried the 'Ocean Pack' this time. It had 2 fish fillets, 3 fried calamari, 2 kings prawns, 2 potato cakes and chips. And after lunch, headed to Trampoline for some really awesome-orgasmic-icecreams!!
oooo!!! oh so yummy!!!

Then the boys (except Andrew) and I headed back to Docklands to get Z-the-rapper's Band Hero. Was suppose to get it the day before at Northland but they didn't have the free game he wanted, so we headed back to Docklands to get it while Maekhoo and Andrew went dating in the city.

Keith was sooo nice to drive us to Docklands. Got a lil lost along the way and almost headed to Geelong!!! that was some funny moments in the car but we still made it... phew~~~
Keith couldn't join us for dinner so he just dropped us back in the city and headed home. But before heading back to the city, it was important to have a group shot of Z-the-rapper and his Band Hero.

Back in the city, Keith dropped us off at Crowns where we were suppose to have dinner at. When we were there, Maekhoo and Andrew decided to watch a movie together before he heads home, so the boys and I waited at the Crowns for an hour plus. While waiting we tried this famous expensive cakes from Greco. Its about 10aud per piece, super delicious, and you get quite a big piece for some cakes. Worth a try, really!

Z-the-rapper and I went to buy while the Low Brothers sat down and waited.

And obviously, we were spoilt for choice, again!
Just look at the choices!!!
Finally decided on a piece of baked cheese cake and mud cake. The cheesecake was oh-so-orgasmic but the mud cake was pretty disappointing. It was so dry and flaky...
After finishing, we still had a lot of time to stall and wait for the couple to finish their movie. Sat there and stoned til an hour plus then decided to head to Melbourne Central (where they were watching their movie) to wait for them. Before that, headed to woolsworth in BigW for some last minute snack-shopping and time-stalling. Went over to Melbourne Central and look around for what to have for dinner and we still had time to stall so we were like stoning around the cinema area.

This was the 1st time since... forever? that we decided on what to eat in less than 5mins.

Had our last dinner together at Melbourne Central Lion Hotel. No, it wasn't exactly in a hotel, it's just the name.

I didn't take picture of everyone's food because they started eating before mine came :D

I had Chunky Beef Stew. It was really good, I loved it :D
It's basically just diced pieces of steak braised in beef stock with a dash of cinnamon served with potato mash and vegetables provencale. 19aud for quite a big portion.
Eng's Bangers and Mash - Baked cumberland sausage served with mash potato, frilled portobello mushroom and garden pea pikelets. Garnished with battered onion rings.
This was pretty good!
Z-the-rapper's Minced Beef Lasagna

The portions were so big that everyone had problem finishing their food even the 2 big eaters in our group - Yao and I. LOL!!! But it was quite a good choice of restaurant for our grand finale. Good atmosphere, delicious food, awesome company :D

Back home, everyone was dead tired and slept pretty early except Eng and I who stayed up chatting till like 5 in the morning. Oh and the funniest thing was Z-the-rapper couldn't sleep well coz the both of us just kept disturbing him.. haha!!! A good chat and a really fun night. :D:D:D:D:D

Miss you guys the moment you guys left in the yellow cab :'(

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