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Jul 13, 2010

Niniek's Visit Day 2 & 3 - QV Market-DFO & St.Kilda - Max Brenners

NiniekSugiartiNiniek's Day 2 was just all around Melbourne City, Queen Victoria Market and DFO South Warth.. Nothing special. Had dinner at Claypot King which NiniekSugiartiNiniek's mom loved so much that every time we asked her what would she like to eat, that's the place she'll answer. Haha! Its the typical chinese claypot rice which were really not bad. Reasonable price for the amount they offer. It's along Swanston Street heading towards Melbourne Central where all the other food outlets are.

NiniekSugiartiNiniek's Day 3 was spent in St.Kilda's Sunday Market. She loved it there even without buying anything. She wanted to go there every Sunday if she could! Lol.. Aris joined us that day despite looking all soo VERY tired from watching the game the night before.

Us, everywhere in St. Kilda Beach.

oh, and NiniekSugiartiNiniek's mom was sooooo cute that day. She was feeding a seagull and as always, 1 comes, the rest comes. And she loved it. She even fed it off her hand! She was like the center of attention that moment - The Bird Goddess. After we left, I saw another lady who tried to do the same thing, but all the seagulls just flew away. haha!!

Headed back to the city and had our first taste of Max Brenner's Hot Chocolate and boy was it yummy!!! Niniek and I tried their chocolate souffle that Aris recommended and ooooohhhhhh it was magical!!! Just looking at these photos makes me want more more more!!! Oh and Jeng joined us there too and had dinner together that night.
Max Brenners!! why can't they have an outlet in Kingsbury! would sooo make it a daily routine to go there!!!!

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