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Aug 9, 2010

Hands Percussion

Was browsing through facebook earlier and I came across this video by 'Hands Percussion'. Hands Percussion is a renowned Malaysian Chinese percussion ensemble that has been creating a ripple in the music scene in Kuala Lumpur since 1997 with its ground-breaking and innovative performances. A team of skillful drummers delivering music and sounds with interesting harmony and in a thunderous note from drums beating rhythmically.

I used to be in the 24 season drum club back in high school and let me tell you it was really tough! We had to stay back till 6pm twice a week to practice while other clubs and societies only had to stay till 3pm and only once a week. But all in all, I had an awesome time joining that club! Representing the school, performing in other schools, universities and events; performing in school events. The principal worships us back then, but that was because we were helping the school earn extra cash and let me tell you, it's we were expensive!

Then when I entered Sunway College, I met a friend who was in this club back in her own high school in Seremban, Sin Yin. And she introduced me to Hands Percussion. :) 2 of her best mates were members of the percussion team and boy were they amazing! Still is!

It's free to join the team, you pay them your time and effort and creativity. Totally worth it! They've been performing in many events, even kick started the Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix earlier this April. Oh and did I mention they go on tours too?! Yeap! Just like rockstars, they go on tours too! They're about to perform in Adelaide in September for the Adelaide Festival Centre OzAsia Festival! And I wanted to go but I have class... Sigh... So near yet so far :(
They'll be touring to US as well after Adelaide. So do catch them if you're there. So far, I've been to 2 of their performance back in KL, thanks to SinYin :) and I was blown away both times! Can't wait to go for another performance :D

Until then, here's a short video of their playing. Enjoy :)

鼓典 Classic from HANDS on Vimeo.

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