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Aug 23, 2010

Superduperfanstasticalawesomelicious 21st Birthday Part 2 & 3

The continuation of my Superduperfanstasticalawesomelicious 21st Birthday! I had a 3 days birthday dinner celebration, started from friday (13th), all the way till Sunday. 3 separate dinner because I don't know and I can't entertain everyone if I invite all my friends to 1 single party. Too much for me to handle :)

Before I start on my 2nd and 3rd dinner, lets recap on my Superduperfantasticalawesomelicious Friday the 13th of August :)

Right, so on my 2nd dinner, it was at 1 of the restaurant in Crowns called Cantina Dell'Empirio. I googled it up and thought the price was not too bad. When we got there, I found out that it wasn't like a proper restaurant, more of a self-service kind of restaurant. You got to order your food at the counter and wait for your number to be called. It was a pretty busy night at that restaurant as well as the other 2 restaurants next to it (well, the other 2 were more packed).

These are the food some of the food we ordered that night.
From top left: Garlic & Herb bread, Grilled Sirloin with redwine sauce, Bacci, Seafood Platter and I can't remember what's the name of that dessert.
The menu doesn't have a wide variety of choices to choose from but hey, sometimes less choices is better right? And if you order their Grande Meal which costs $17.50, you'll get a main course with a glass of soft drink and coffee and a cake. And the portion is just nice I would say. Oh but I must say they have quite a few of alcohol beverages to choose from :)

After dinner, we had a last minute crazy idea to head down to St.Kilda area (the wind that night was crazzzzyy!!). When we were there, we stopped at Sans Churro for dessert.
The girls that night :)
And the boys that night (excuse me ^^ )
And that's everyone who were there for my 2nd dinner.
Thank you again for coming!!! :D

After the sweeet hot chocolates, we headed down to the beach area and walked all the way to the pier leading towards the Little Blue Restaurant at the end of the pier.

It was soooo windy that ChristopherTeo came up with the Tritanic idea...
See how strong the wind is?
That's the end of the 2nd day. Now on to the 3rd day :)

Before my 3rd dinner, Maekhoo and I finally went to church after god knows how long (well, that actually just applies to me, coz she's been twice since she came, hehe ) Keith was sooo kind to come all the way from Boxhill to fetch us there and back. And I have to say, it does feel nice to finally be in church again (don't ask me why).

Keith joined us for dinner after church. Waited for Daniel to come over around 8.30pm and went to South Morang to rent a DVD. We got Law of Abiding Citizen and it was really good (though I don't like Gerard Butler). After renting, we stopped by at an Indian take-away restaurant to get our dinner. I got each of them to order 1 dish each.

Here's our yummy Indian dinner. It was good :)
After the movie and dinner, Daniel had to leave for work. So we had a lil camwhore session before he left..

I personally love this picture!
Its like Maekhoo's boring Keith!
Yes! I still got my sneaky candid shot skills. Without all the drinking sessions at NiniekSugiartiNiniek's place, I haven't been taking or recording anything funny and embarrassing :(

And no one can leave till we snap a group picture :)

Oh.... and we spammed on Polaroid pictures too! Unfortunately, I'm short of 2 more shots to make it 21 polaroid birthday picture :( But nevertheless, I had tons of fun! Still wished my family was here to celebrate with me though.

Thats the end of my Superduperfanstasticalawesomelicious 21st Birthday. Gosh! I still can't believe I'm already 21.. sigh..

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