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Aug 23, 2010

Superduperfastasticalawesomelicious Friday the 13th of August!

It was 13th last Friday. How was everyone's Friday the 13th? Anything interesting happened?
I had one hell of a time during that weekend. It was the Superduperfastasticalawesomelicious Friday the 13th of August! The day I get to celebrate and rejoice the day I officially turn TWENTY-ONE!!!

My Superduperfastasticalawesomelicious 21st kick started (well, more like bang-started) with loud bangs on the door when the clock stroke 12 in the middle of the night. And I was still planning on what to wear for my dinners and what to wear during the day, I was sort of half naked in my bedroom and also chatting with my parents online at the same time, so I panicked a little, didn't know what to put on before opening the door. Was like running, twist and turning around the room, trying to think straight and act fast while there were shouting and screaming outside my door, rushing me to open it.

By the time I opened the door, my roommates (Szu-Mei and Maekhoo) were holding my surprise cake with sparklers that were already burnt out. LOL! So I had to go back into my room, pretend like nothing happened while they light up the sparklers again and start banging on my door. This time, I thought of snapping a picture of them with the sparkled cake. When I grabbed my camera and snapped, the sparklers were almost all burnt out again and this was all I captured.

We headed to the kitchen, light up my cake for the third time! And quickly snapped a perfect shot.
Apparently Maekhoo baked these just in time to bang on my door at 12am, hoping and praying that I'll stay put in my room and not go into the kitchen. Haha... And they were yummy!! :D

After the whole sparklers chaos, we all went back to our rooms and went to bed. The next day, I met up with Mr. Navigator during the day. Did some touring. Went to the Shrine of Remembrance and walked around the Royal Botanical Garden. All the walking took us the whole day and soon it was time to head over to Universal at Lygon Street for my birthday dinner.

At around 515pm, we started heading towards Lygon. Whilst heading to the restaurant, we saw helicopters and about 7 to 10 flashing police cars along Lygon Street. Apparently 2 guys got shot just around 4plus! What a way to welcome me into the 21st year of my life.. LOL!!! Right, there's nothing to be happy about that.. now back to the topic...

I held my dinner at Universals. The same restaurant I went for Arif's Birthday a few weeks back. Like I said in my last post, the food here, is GREAT! And you don't have to burn a hole in your wallet to eat here. The prices are reasonable and the portions are big!

The picture above is what everyone had that night... The last picture is the best!! Pork Ribs and wings with salad and beer battered chips for 14.90aud (my order :D )

After dinner, we chilled, camwhored, chit-chatted... Amandachoe and UY went for a puff and disappeared for quite awhile. And when they finally returned, after a few minutes, the waiters started to sing the 'Happy Birthday' song. That's why they disappeared! They went to get me a birthday cake. Awesome friends, period! And the cake, was totally Y-U-M-M-Y!!! Can't remember what's the name of the cake though.

Here's my yummy-licious cake and my usual awkward birthday face when everyone's singing me the 'Happy Birthday' song. No idea why, but I always don't know where to look when everyone's singing so I'll always stare at my cake and try to smile naturally throughout the song.. Haha :)
I love this picture that AmandaChoe took of me... Thank you!!!
And thank you Amanda for picking this cake for me too :D
After cake-ing, it was camwhoring time. Took quite a few pictures and quite a few polaroids too!

The pretties: (Maekhoo, AmandaChoe, MichelleWong, LaurenLim and Me.) Lauren's another food addict like myself and she knows more places for yummy food here in Melbourne than I do. Shall have to steal your list of food places soon, Lauren!

Polaroids!! Yeah~~~ :D

Once again, thank you guys for coming!! I hope you guys had fun and enjoyed yourselves, I know I did! :D <3

PS: There's more to come.. So stay tuned :)

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