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Oct 16, 2009

The Spontaneous Bunch

Ok, this post is a bit late...

Last Sunday, while having lunch,
the bunchies and I were like thinking of what to do next
and Annette came up with the idea of having a BBQ session at Tong's place.

So right after church, off we went tot he Supermarket to get the food!!!

We decided of chicken wings, sausages and mashed potatoes... YUM!!!

Went to Tong's place to prepare the marinations...

I hate washing the raws but I love marinating them...

The marination for the chicken was half my dad's own recipe and half of my food instinct.

Annette and I went through the whole of Tong's kitchen to find possible sauces to use for it.

I tell you, this Tong fail big time as a house owner and definitely a cook.
I pity his wife (Annette) in the future...

Can you believe he doesn't know a single thing in his kitchen?!?!?!
He doesn't know how many knives are there in his kitchen, he doesn't know where the things are kept. Practically NOTHING!!!

We had to crash his kitchen to find what we want and be very careful not to make a huge mess.

My helper, Annette, during the preparation and through out the whole thing.
My chicken washer, Christopher.
This is Tong, a.k.a Princess!!!!
He just sat there 'doing' his assignment. (so he says)
and the red stool in his kitchen, eating his mango ice-cream, watching us do the work instead of helping =.='
The BBQ was suppose to start at 7pm.
I sms-ed Yao when he's going to make sure I won't be a Tong and Annette's lightbulb,
only to find out when I arrived, they weren't home yet and became Yao and Bubble's lightbulb instead...

so much for prevention measures =.='

At around 8pm, the BBQ officially started.
Chicken wings were ready to be BBQ-ed.
So are the sausages.
Mashed Potatoes almost ready to be eaten.
Back in the days, when BBQ fires had to be fanned with paper plates to get started,
We in the 21st century, with technologies getting more and more advance each day,
we had the new improved advance fire starter, TURBO STYLE,

Hairdryer and Stand fan!!!
We had 2 chefs that night.

Eng, our head chef.
and his little helper, Kien Wei.

When Eng's too busy, Kien Wei is to take charge.

This's funny, he was moving left and right, left and right, to make sure every chicken wings won't get burnt.
Everyone's busy digging in... While Magdelene takes some group pics.
And we had something uber awesome planned for after dinner.


Here are the chefs-turned-technicians setting up the PS3.
So let the games begin!!!

Benjamin (Tong's brother) 1st time playing...
The laziest Vocalist on earth!!!
The rest of the bunchies...

The guitarists of the night.

Tet Leon
Yao (so concentrated, biting his lips, hoping not to miss a key)
Eng (another concentrator)
The pro of the night - Kien Wei
The slackest guitarist...
Drummers of the night...


Kien Wei the pro of the night.
"Simon says, open your mouth" claims Tong
Some group/band photos...
After playing for awhile and with no one able to beat him, he got bored...
and was falling asleep...
So everyone changed game to....

FOOTBALL!!! of coz...

Look how awake he is right now...
And of coz, we mustn't leave out the camwhoring part... couple's pics...
well, almost...
Tong and I testing out Yao's new saga...
Fun, spontaneous night...
Should come out with more!!!

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