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Oct 1, 2009

The Ball

*** Warning!!! My 1st uber long post... Long and lots!!!***

So, I attended the Monash Ball last Friday.
Got ready at Gabby's crib.
Seriously, you do not (I repeat, you DO NOT) want to be in the same room as girls when they're getting ready. (For any occasion.)
Just look at the picture below.
The table's filled with make-up.
(Mine was just like 1/10 of the stuff on the table.)
Niniek's like totally covered the place.
(and that's not all. she has a WHOLE casing of make-up!!! I WANT!!!)
That's Niniek.
Me =.='
and... our star of the night....
she's like a hollywood star sitting on her chair, doing her 'thang',
getting pretty-fied.
Gabby and I taking picture with our hair dressers.
Awesome curls!!!
(the girl in blue, is SERIOUSLY good in curling hair!!!)
At the ball, before going into the ballroom,
what else to do but...

Andrew & I.
Niniek & I.
Gabby & Tet Leon
Niniek & Tet Leon
Niniek & Daryl
Gabby & Shane
Girl's and their love...
Oh what do we have here...
Both totally the same designed shoes, just different colour.
Black's from Charles and Keith, Purple's from Aldo.
2 totally same designed shoes with a totally different price range.
But both made them pretty, so who cares how expensive they were... Ha!!!
These girls got curls....
Shane & I
Tet Leon and the-all-stunning-carmen!!!
Nadia & I.
Mandy & I.
All the single lads... oops, sorry Tong :)
All looking awesome :)
Niniek & 1,2 snap.
Sexy Gabby & Shane
and Mr.Navigator was well... Navigating himself in the ballroom,
so all I could do was take pic with his coat which didn't manage to keep up with him.
Now to 1 of the main point of the ball....


Appetizer - Green Bean and Prawn Timbale, Fresh Salad and Confit Tomatoes.
(funny, I saw no tomatoes.)
The worst soup I ever tasted!!! (ok, it wasn't the worst.)
BUT IT WAS DEFINITELY SECOND WORST!!! (not to mention kinda cheap for such a place.)
and it's not even western =.='
Superior Chicken Broth with lemongrass and wantan.
Main Course - Grilled Spring Chicken Confit Garlic Polenta Cake, Roasted Vegetables and Honey Mustard Sauce.
Dessert - Coconut creme brulee, pineapple maple syrup, ice-cream and sugar snap.
Looks awesome, it was not bad.
When it was served, I was busy taking pictures of the entertainment on stage that I forgot about it, my ice-cream was half melted when I realized.
After eating, it was yet the time again, to...

This picture looks like Carmen's trying to take a picture of herself but she's actually not. haha
Sleeping Beauty Handsome
The happiness.
They had quite a few good entertainers hired to keep the Ball rolling.

This band was the bomb of the night. (well, at least for me.)
Diplomats of drums. (If i'm not mistaken)
There was this comedian - Andrew Netto
This lady singer - Esther (real powerful and uber sexy voice!!!)
This guitarist - Ray Cheong
and the night ended with Reshmonu.
Oh, and not forgetting the most important and the climax of the Ball.
(which took place when dessert of being served, that's why I forgot bout it.)
The time to announce who's Mr. and Ms. Monash 2009.

The Nominees for Ms. Monash 2009.
all looking stunning in their gowns.
The Guy Nominees...
all looking dashing...
All of them...
and the winner is....
dang dang dang....

Them :)
The 1st dance by Mr. and Ms. monash
Then the dance floor was opened to the rest of the people.

And yet again, another time for some camwhoring... :)

poor Andrew, without a date.
Carmen - ready with a smile as always :)
(but not this time)
Daryl with Kenzie
Vivian & I
Vivian & Mandy
Vivian, Mandy & Rhino
Tet Leon with Hanie.
I personally like this picture very much... (COZ I TOOK IT!!!) :)
Now take note on the guy named Tet Leon.
His poses are all the same in all 3 of them.

Tet Leon with Zen
The boys.
and the other boys...
Haha, saw it???

And while waiting for the pictures below to get printed...
(ignore the bad qualities)
time for some camwhoring in boredness.

The other poses of Tet Leon
Vivian with her 53 pins hairdo...
(always has this 6th sense when people is trying to take his candid shots)
Tet Leon trying to trick Carmen
Candid Shots!!!
Daryl, caught doing a funny face.
So she returned 1 to him :)
The Purple-Fan-Lads
Our pro- camwhorer. (when there's no Christopher)
Rhino Thong!!!!

We pitied him, so we joined him.
Was left alone again, so I started camwhoring with him too.
Tried camwhoring with a G-10.
Boy was it hard!!!
The cam's just so chunky and heavy!!!
Gabby joined us for a lil while.
Then it was back to the both of us.
We took more than the published. We didn't realised that we actually took a few with the same poses...
Then it was gabby and him again...
Eventually he got bored of camwhoring, so he went to try to pick a fight with Carmen instead.
Even tried the praying mantis style .

So the night ended with Mamak!!!
Nothing better than to end your day with a satisfied tummy...

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