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Oct 21, 2009

26 years of tying the knot

On Monday, Dad came home from work with Prawn Noodles, and 2 types of crabs...
It was a special day for my parents,

19th of october 2009, the 26th wedding anniversary!!!

Of coz, there's no big occasion without any wine or alcohol...

In this case, Riesling Wine...
You may notice why there's 1 glass of wine that's uber clear white.

well, that's because it's...

PINK DOLPHIN 'Wine'... haha
(yeah, I don't drink well...)
To start off the dinner,

while watching 'Friends'

our all time favorite comedy...
half way tru the celebration,

we had to call my sister in Sabah,
useless, i know.

your parents wedding anniversary and not a call or a message=.='

anyway, the celebration was small, short but very enjoyable

and delicious too!!!


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