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Oct 12, 2009

Mixed feelings

Officially graduated!!!

The ceremony...

a day of mixed feelings. the day we finally bid farewell to one another and hope to meet again soon, someday.

Everyone separates, and move on with their lives... on their own...

Emo Emo Emo~~~

Started the day with some camwhoring before the ceremony started.

The proud parents of a graduand. (at least I think they are. No, they should. hahaha)
The camwhoring session before the ceremony.

The girls : (left) Wan Ling, Rei, Me and En
Camwhoring after the ceremony

Wan Ling
Lunch Box kaki - Fang Jin (one of the kaki)
Some of the boys from my class : (left) Jack, Kah Wing and Zhen Hui
Some of the girls from my class : (left) Chewie, Wendy, Diba, Leann and Saw Kuan
When there's a group photo, it's a must to take many shots.
The girls again...
With 2 awesome visitors who came with roses for us (above picture)...


With Ms. Li Ling

A surprise visit by Mr. Lai (best marketing lecturer)
We parted happily with a tinge of bitterness...

Finally graduated!!!

During this ceremony, it really made me flash back to our 2 and a half years of together-ness...

But the day don't end just like that...

Stay tune for the dinner!!!

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