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Oct 7, 2009

Goons in the Lagoon

*this is sort of a continuation to '5 parks, 4 friends + a Vivian' *

These are the goons in the lagoon. (some camwhoring we did)

Main Character :


The 'Kei Lei Fairs' a.k.a not-so-important characters :
Me, Niniek and Carmen
In the toilet also camwhore =.='
(oopsy, boys please close your left eyes.)
We were obsessed with the Brown Indian Dude.
This is a shape of a lovely butt. ( it's a heart shape)
This is a shape of a incomplete butt. (semi-circle)
The girls.
Taking picture on the escalator is not really a good choice,
it makes us dizzy....
Introducing the supporting actor:

Kenzie Kee
What can I say, the lion was such a turn on...
heard Mr. Navigator call her this before.

Carmen the caveman... so, abit jakun.
The rides for the kids...
I blend with the smurfs......

Vivian the elephant.
Carmen the caveman with her dinosaur.
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang~~~
A trip to the hotel saloon...
When the saloon's closed,
girls get desperate...
Candid posers.
Carmen the caveman just turned into Carmen the pervert!!!
Peeping into ppl's house...
Still peeping...
The pole dancers wannabes...
bollywood style...

Hahaha... Vivian and me.... hahahaha...
(a word that cannot be said)

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