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Oct 4, 2009

Satisfied... mmm~~~

Went to Sunway Lagoon yesterday with Carmen, Vivian, Kenzie and Niniek.
Truout the whole time there, I smelled very strong Tom Yam smell.
But when we went to the food stall, the lady told us it was only Tom Yam paste. =.=' POTONG!!!
so the whole day, I had a craving for TomYam. (but didn't manage to eat)

So today, after church, I begged the boys to go somewhere which serves tomyam.
Pastor Leslie suggested Taman Desa's Food Court.
and off we go!!!~~~

MMM~~~ YUMMY!!!~~~
Stomach was tearing inside!!!~~~ (satisfied tears )

Drummer boy is officially a Subang-ian now...
From Monday till Friday eating subang food.
Even on a Sunday, he's eating subang food. hehe

And as usual, Andrew must have the big finish.
Super big Ice-Kacang!!!
As for this old guy below,
Bright daylight, all red???
I think he got his timing wrong. Haha

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