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Oct 14, 2009

It doesn't end just yet...

First off, before the post...



Ok, now to the main topic of this post...

We bid farewell. but only for that moment.


we'll be meeting again at night for a dinner celebration at Chillies, Mid Valley.

I had to admit, I was pretty pissed at the starting of the dinner.

I think I might have offended a few people. (sorry if i did. but i guess you guys would understand if you're in my position.)

Well, we were suppose to meet by 7.30pm.

So i arrived there at 7.15pm.

Waited till 7.45pm!!! and there was only 1 person who turned up...

Everyone was sooo freaking late!!!!

only at 8.30pm did we started eating =.='

pissed pissed pissed!!! but as soon as dinner started, i was better... hehehe...

Everyone was hungry, so they all took a hard look of the menu to pick their dish.
like Jack here did.
Dinner went sort of smoothly with everyone camwhoring while eating.
and of coz, can't leave out the chit chatting.

Here are some photos from that night.

we also sort of celebrated Lee Tien's birthday.
Only with a birthday song and the celebration went back to camwhoring.

and here are some candid and not-so-candid photos.

They look so lovingly gay while taking this picture!!!
He tried to make a ghost face...
and he succeeded...

And of coz, we can't leave out the group photos.

What's an event without group photos, right?

But wait... the night doesn't just end here.

Stay tune to see the after dinner party!!!

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