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Mar 26, 2010

Ishin Japanese Dining

Another food post! I was suppose to post this up a loooooooog time ago but I couldn't find the pictures in my hard-disk. So, sorry for being soo late.

This is a Japanese restaurant called Ishin Japanese Dining, along Jalan Klang Lama, KL. Directly opposite '3 Miles', where the Old Town Kopitiam and Pappa Rich is.
It's kind of a pricey restaurant I would say. Just by the looks of the restaurant, you wouldn't have also guessed it's pricey. Dad was having a late meeting that day and couldn't make it home for dinner. So mom & I decided to go out for food and thought of giving this place a try.

The restaurant looks pretty classy and has a quite atmosphere.
The sushi bar...
So these are the food that we tried...

California Sushi.
Mom's Avacado Salad. This was sooo disgusting for me. I'm not an avacado fan at all, so this was really a huge turn off for me... But mom seemed to like it.
And for our main course, we shared a combo set dinner. This, I would say is quite reasonably priced as it's RM39/ Rm49 (can't remember which was it) for a rice set that comes with a Chawanmushi, Miso Soup, a Unagi fillet, Tempura and fruits. It's all my favorite japanese food all-in-one! Perfect set for me :) The ingredients they use are pretty fresh, even the fruits. The Chawanmushi had a really smooth texture and well seasoned.

As I compared the prices of the menu of this restaurant and another Japanese restaurant, also along Jalan Klang Lama called Nihon Kai, which is my family's favorite Japanese restaurant. The food there is cheaper in Nihon Kai of course (except for the combo set dinner I had above, the rest are all cheaper) but the quality of the ingredients used is the same. Overall, I still prefer Nihon Kai. The food there is cheaper and tastier. But this is also not bad..

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