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Mar 6, 2010

New Spices..

This is a small update to my last post about My Room...

Went to IKEA with Maekhoo and my 2 other housemates.
Thank god they were both going as well, because they own a car, and IKEA don't bag your purchases. And with the things we bought, there's no way we'll make it back alive by tram and bus!!!

Anyways, I've finally unpacked all my stuff!!! Yay me!!! :)
Cupboard's all organized...

And I finally have a proper mirror to look at every morning.

And this is just something I found at the supermarket that will really keep my accessories more organized instead of all clumped in a small lil metal box.

When I wanna look for a necklace, I swear it's like looking for a needle in a haystack!!!
But with that, I can now pick my accessories easily and it saves time...

Well, that's all..
Till then, cheers :)

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