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Mar 4, 2010

A New Attempt

Hey guys, this is something new and unexpected.

My Sis and I were cleaning out our closet a month ago and found a couple of clothings that we've only worn like a maximum of 2 or 3 times. It was still in very good condition. The color has not faded, not stretched or deformed. Still looks quite new.

So we thought we'll try to sell them off. Create more space in our cupboards. (not like I'll be able to use my closet space much but hey, I'll still be using it when I get back!)

Anyway, while we were on vacation with our family, we sort of had the idea of starting a blogshop to try to sell them off and also bring in new stocks and sell as well. Just to earn some extra $$$.
Since we have some extra time in our hands. (for now at least)

So yeah, thus Butterfly Bluz is formed!!! It's based in Sabah as my sis is working there.

Do check it out and help us spread the words around.
Click here --> ButterflyBluz to visit our new site.

Thank you for your support!!!

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