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Nov 15, 2008

I Just Love Them!!!

Here are some 'bunchies' i love... they can just crack funny stuff out of anything... just out of no where, there'll be a lame joke out from them... the lamest joke you'll ever here... This is a post with videos only... so i can't show all of my 'bunchies'... This is just a random post with funny stuff...

This is a video of 1 of the fastest balloon tyer i know... Zameel... who tied 2 balloons in less than 10 seconds!!!
Kien wei, you should learn from him so your fingers won't hurt...(hehe)

Next are 2 owls and 2 crows who are the 2 main crappers of the bunchies... You'll never be bored around them...

And Lastly (for now) ... Sinyin expressing her baby side...

It's funny to think that all these funny videos and funny pictures are gonna be sweet memories... Just imagine looking back at all these videos and pictures a few years later, and you'll laugh your a** off... Although it might be embarrassing to watch them now... but it'll be soooo much fun watching it later... i'm crapping now because i donno what to write anymore... so yeah... ENJOY!!!~~~

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