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Nov 6, 2008

Cause I Had A Bad Day!!!

So mad!!! why?! CAUSE I HAD A REALLY BAD DAY!!!

1st it was jamming sooooo badly... and it was drizzling... THEN!!! BANG!!! my breaks had some broken, my car wouldn't stop... and i hit the car in front of me... sigh... but thank god, that lady was very kind and polite... I called my dad and he spoke to her... no idea what they talked about... and my dad didn't even scold me... he just kept silent... (which is even worst than him scolding me, because i have no idea what he's thinking inside, which made me feel sooo bad =( ) And I'll be transport handicap for a few days i think, i feel so helpless without a car =(... My poor Hero just turned into a Zero... Sad!!!

Next, during lunch time, the table's screw was loose, and i almost topple everything on the table... the table made a loud bang and everyone was looking!!!

Then! just went i thought my day couldn't get any worst... We were suppose to bring our 'script' for our charity event... and i thought i didn't bring coz i couldn't find it in my files... so i was fined RM20 for it... and when i got back home... i found it in 1 of my files... *faints big time!!!*

See how jammy it was... i hate early classes!!!

See my poor hero =(
It's just not my day!!! JUST NOT MY DAY!!!

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