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Dec 11, 2008

Wasted Rubbersuit...

*warning, this post contains quite a lot of complaints... so beware!!!*

Second day of burning... it was a total waste of time!!!

When i reach the hotel today, we were informed that there will be a fire drill practice at 10am (guess i'll really be burning...) and after the drill, they issued our uniforms for us... the uniform i got was pretty comfortable... there were like 2 different designs for Front Office's uniform... mine was the least nicer 1 but it was also considered nicer than the other hotel (for me)... and also they issued us our locker keys...

This is the key to my metal box...
The Lucky No.16... (or unlucky)

That's me in my uniform... (hoping to get the other uniform next time...) (i find it nicer)

I bumped into some of the employees in the girl's changing room, they were all so friendly and cheerful... all smiles on their faces with delightful greetings... that really minimizes my fears... and after i got change, i went to meet up with my boss - Mr. Kuhan - friendly, with big eyes!!! he introduced me to another trainee from Holland - Nyhke (sadly it was her last day of training today...) she brought me on a short tour around the offices... and then i was sent to the business centre with ms. Elmi there waiting for me... she's sooo friendly and cheerful... i felt no pressure at all... she thought me minor stuffs in the business centre... while waiting for Ms.Linda to work out my working schedule...

There wasn't much to do in the business centre, so i was like practically standing all around the room, doing nothing... it was seriously dead boring!!! because Ms.Elmi had nothing for me to do because she herself has nothing to do... (this is why there's only 1 employee's seat in the business centre, it's only meant to have only 1 staff in there =.=') of all places they send me there... after stoning til 3.30pm, the next shift came -Ms.Audrea, supposed to be my senior in college... (from sunway hospitality course, Aug04 batch) she was really friendly too... and all the other staffs that walked in to the business centre were really friendly too... didn't feel like a stranger around them... (which is good...)

Stoned till 5pm and still no news from Ms. Linda about my working schedule... (ish >.<) so Audrea called her at 5.30pm, and then she only told Audrea to tell me to go home and come back tomorrow at 8am till 4pm... i was like OMG!!! she took the whole day to do 1 schedule and still no schedule done... i mean yeah she might be busy and all but she could have informed or something... and guess what, before going home, she only started to me for my name and how long i'll be training there and all... and it seems that these are the information needed to work out my schedule =.='

What a total waste of my time today!!! like seriously i did nothing but stood around... argh!!! and tomorrow i'm suppose to go back to the business centre again!! another day of stoning >.<

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