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Mar 8, 2011

Have you ever...

Sorry for neglecting this blog. There's nothing interesting happening lately that I can blog about, no happening events or gathering for me to attend. Live here in Melbourne feels like it just died down. Hopefully it'll slowly pick itself back again soon.

Just a random thought...

Have you ever felt like you don't know who you are anymore?
Have you ever felt like you've lost yourself somewhere along the way in life?
Have you ever felt like changing yourself? Being someone you hope you'd be...
Have you ever thought of stepping into someone else's shoe for a change? Maybe acting like them, thinking like them, some may even dress like them?

Have you ever felt like even when you're being yourself, there's still something missing in life?
Have you ever felt like you have too big of an imagination that it scares the hell out of you sometimes?
Have you ever felt like you had to compare yourself to someone in order to find who you should be, or who you truly are?

There can and may be many 'have you ever-s' in life, especially for us ladies as we ladies tend too think and imagine too much. Sorry, but we can't help it!!!  But then again, without these 'have you ever-s', wouldn't life just be a total bore???

I like 'have you ever-s'... It add colours to my world but sometimes too much thinking and imagination just paints black in my world. But hey, no harm trying, right??? :D

Ok, my random thoughts end here.. Shall try to post something more interesting soon! Have a happy Tuesday everyone :D

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