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Jan 30, 2011

Project 365

I know I know. I'm a super failed blogger. Lots of stuff to post about actually but the thought of me not being able to upload photos via blogger anymore is such a pain! Which usually is the case of me not feeling like blogging. I'll slowly post something soon..

Anyway, the main reason of this post is... As requested by my cousin Amanda, she started her Project 365 on New Year's day and asked me to start 1 as well. After lots and lots of delays, I finally started my own. Project 365 is basically an album of 365 photos truout a period of 1 year. Taking a photo a day. People with really good photography skills usually showcase their different skills each day. Well too bad, I'm no pro. So I'll take this opportunity to make an album showcasing what I do everyday for a year. Sort of like a photo diary.

I'm usually someone who gives up easily some certain things, especially when I'm too lazy.. So we shall see how long will this Project 365 last. Hopefully I'll pull it through. Wish me luck :D

Here's my album - Project 365

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