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Jan 3, 2011

Australia Zoo: A Dream Come True

The day before we headed back to Melbourne, we rented a car from Budget and drove to Beerwah to visit 1 of my Must-visit-place-before-I-die - The Australia Zoo a.k.a Home of the Crocodile hunter - Steve Irwin. He's 1 of my well respected idol. Such a waste to hear that he'd passed away. Been watching his series on Animal Planet called the Crocodile Hunter for a very long time till it ended suddenly :( 

So this post is something very dear to me and this experience is really a memorable one for me.

Yay to Australia Zoo! Home of The Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin!!
I was sooo excited that I couldn't stop screaming in the car like a crazy little fan girl. Lol!!! But unfortunately, halfway tru our journey there, it started to pour. And it poured real mad that the zoo was badly flooded.

Flooded up to knee length I would say. Haha. What an adventure.
Even when it was raining cats and dogs, I was too excited to stay under the shelter and wait for the rain to stop before wondering around the zoo. Thank God I didn't wait too, or else I'll only be exploring the place when it's about to close.

Before the start of the 1st show, we walked around and admired these old pictures of both Steve Irwin and his parents and his wife as well as recent pictures of his family.

There's even a comic about him!

First show we watched was the Warrior show where it showcases Elephants, birds, snake and CROCODILES!!! 

The Crocoseum. It was like a DREAM COME TRUE for me to be sitting in this crocoseum!!! If you follow the Crocodile Hunter on Animal Planet, I think you'll feel the same way too. The Planner/Navigator surely do.

A conservation message by Steve Irwin. Sure wished he was still alive. It'll be another dream come true to meet him in person.

The Elephants.



The Grand Finale


Next was the Otter show. So cute, aren't they?!

These Water Dragons were everywhere around the zoo, running freely. Apparently, if they happen to climb into the Otter's enclosure, they'll never come out again.. Lol!

and he couldn't keep his hands to himself. lol

Wombats!!! and it's baby...


In the East Asia part of the Zoo, we saw Elephants taking a dip in their pool. From this enclosure, it clearly shows how lucky these animals are to be living in Australia Zoo and not any other zoo (of course, they're better left in the wild). This zoo is SO well done, SO beautifully done for these animals to enjoy.

Just look at how the Elephant's enclosure look like.

This will soon be a Cheetah race track. 

Red Panda

The Crocodile above is dedicated to NiniekSugiartiNiniek.  Niniek, meet Daisy :D

Fang 2.

The crocodile above will be very familiar to Crocodile Hunter followers. It's the famous Acco. Largest crocodile in the zoo, weighing 1 ton!

And Agro (below), 2nd largest croc in the zoo, weighing 600kg!

When it was raining heavily and the zoo was flooded, they closed the pathways leading to these 2 crocs. That's how dangerous they are :)

Next, the snake enclosures, showcasing Australia's most dangerous snakes.

The bones of a python and a pig. Reminds me of Bintan when I witnessed a python having it's meal.

Would you just look at that.. A giant Orca!!! I want!!!!!!!!!!!

There's this petition going on about saving Steve's Place. You can logon and read more about it, also, please sign the petition :) - Save Steve's Place

While waiting for the last croc show of the day, we took the time to camwhore round the zoo.

His 1st time touching a Koala.

And finally I got to cuddle a Koala!!! :D

Big croc showdown. Would you dare?

The last croc show - The illusive croc, Casper.

They've recently built an animal hospital just behind  the zoo. only requires a donation of $2 to enter.

baby bats...

Koala rehabilitation centre...

The doing an operation on a poor turtle.

 Overall, the experience was unbelievable! Left me speechless. Everything was so beautifully done and well maintained. The BEST zoo I've ever visited!

 Not to mention we had fun driving there and back :)

Car rental by Budget Rentals: bout $90 (split between the number of people in the car)
In this case, 2
Zoo admission: $46 (student & Senior citizen)
: $58 (Adults)

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