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Jan 2, 2011

Gold Coast 4: Sea World

4th day was spent in Sea World. To get to Sea World, you'll have to take another bus - No. 750 if i'm not mistaken. NOT TX2. 

If you're someone like me who loves loves LOVES animals and the underwater world, you'll be as excited as I am :)


Since the timing for the shows are not till later in the afternoon, we decided to ride the rides available 1st.

First stop: Jet Ski-ing

Yes, a jet ski roller coaster. pretty fun :)

There's another roller coaster ride opposite of this Jet Ski but it was LOUSY!!! 

While walking to our 1st show, we walked pass some dolphin pools. Cute right???

First show of the day, the Seal Detective show.

I also had the chance to learn more about these seals and even touch, feel and play with them :) 

I'll never get bored of all these :)

You can also feed the sting-rays for $7. You'll be given a cup of fish and squids.
I really wanted to try diving with the sharks there but it was mighty expensive :(
You can also go diving in the reefs with reef fishes.

There are plenty of things to experience with the marines here in Sea World. You can swim with the seals, dolphins. You can even be a trainer for a day. I would try all of the animal adventures available if I had the money :(

Next up : Dolphin performance

Isn't that cool?! Riding the dolphins like Superman!!! :D

3 lucky spectators got the chance to interact with the dolphins..

look how they jump up all at the same time!!! So well trained!

after that, there was a pirate show on. Each actors are professional in something, can't remember what.. lol

While waiting for the Penguin Feeding, we went to visit the Polar Bears... Well Bear to be exact.
and a playful 1 too.

Penguin Feeding. Cute little penguins :)

The feeding was pretty boring as they just hand fed them =.='
actually expected them to throw fishes in the water and let the penguins dive in to catch them but...
So, we headed to the dolphin show again... Tee hee :D

That's about it for shows. There's actually a water park where you can go to. We didn't feel like getting wet again, so we skipped it. lol! Other than that, there's all the Animal Adventures available. Oh, and did I mention there's whale watching cruises available too. Recommended to go during middle of year during their migration.

General Admission: $74.99
with VIP pass: $33.33

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