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Jan 1, 2011

Gold Coast 3: Wet n Wild

Gold Coast seriously screwed up my body clock. Spending 1 day in 1 park really takes a toll on me. Sleeping as early as 8.30 - 9pm and waking up 7 - 730am the next day. Never in my life have I ever slept that early before. LOL!

3rd day of my trip, with the gloomy looking skies, we decided to head to a wet park instead since we'll definitely get wet anyway. So, to Wet n Wild it is!!! Same thing, took the TX2 bus and we arrived bout 30 minutes before the opening. Queue, of course was already like a caterpillar and of course, we planned our rides.

First up....

Aqua Loop!!! A MUST TRY!!!

Basically, they'll lock you in a capsule and the count down starts. Cross your arms and ankles, keep your eyes open. 3.... 2.... 1....

The feel is just... WOAH~~~ you have to try it for yourself. If you happen to be there, DO NOT MISS THIS RIDE! It's the best ride in Wet n Wild.

I didn't manage to take proper pictures of all the rides as they were already closing when I took my camera out, but you can check out what rides are available here - Wet n Wild map

2nd best for me would go to The Tornado. 

3rd, the Mach 5 Jet Stream which I didn't manage to take a picture of, not even from the map. *warning, your back will hurt like mad after the ride, but it's sooo fun!!!*

4th, the Surfrider. Basically, you're sitting on a giant surf board going up and down like the Pirate ship. Only difference is, your seat rotates.

5th, Kamikaze

6th Rapid Falls

7th, Black Hole 

8th, Mammoth Falls

Lastly, Aqua Racer. Nothing special about this ride as there's 1 in Sunway Lagoon.

As I mentioned in my previous post, it's much cheaper entering these parks if you purchase an unlimited entry VIP pass for $99.99 to Wet n Wild, Sea World and Movie World. This package expires 30th June 2011.

Budget Pricing
General Admission - $54.99
with VIP pass - $33.33

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