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Dec 30, 2010

Gold Coast 2: Movie World

As everyone would know, Gold Coast is known for their beaches as well as their theme parks. There's a shuttle bus called TX2 that would bring you to these theme parks. A little tip: Go early!

Something else to keep in mind when you're heading to Gold Coast, it's MIGHTY expensive to buy individual tickets into these theme parks. It's a better option to buy them as a package. Just go to MyFun and pick the option that suits you most. As for us, we took the unlimited VIP pass to 3 parks (Movie World, Sea World and Wet n Wild)  for only $99.99, valid till 30th June 2011. 

We spent 1 day for each park. Let me show you a sneak peek of Warner Brother's Movie World. FYI, the general admission for Movie World costs $74.99!!!

Welcome to Movie World by Warner Brothers

We arrived at the entrance 30 minutes before their opening time and it was already filled with tourists, schoolies and families. Just look at the queue!!! With such a big crowd, we can't help but to do a little strategic planing. lol!  

Planner: Ok, once we go in, run straight to Superman. Then we can head to whatever rides after that.
Me: Okok.

Gate opens, *Runs straight to Superman*

Superman Escape!!! 
Theme parks are everywhere these days, and they'll have almost the same rides in every theme parks. So in order to be different, every ride here has a short story behind it. As the Planner says: It's not about the ride now, it's about the experience. And I must say, it's really was an experience, something really different from other roller coasters. Instead of slowly moving upwards, Superman ride is the opposite. The speed starts from the very bottom all around till the end. With the force of 4gs, the impact you'll feel when going upwards is just... WOAH!!!! You really have to experience it for yourself. So if you happen to be there, do not, I repeat, DO NOT miss the superman ride.

After that, we went for the Batman stimulator. This was a so-so ride. At least we helped Batman save Gotham city :)

Wanted to try the Batwing Spaceshot but sadly, it was under maintenance when we were there :(

Oh, while being in Batman's library, I found a hidden mickey (the picture above) LOL!!

Next was the Scooby Doo ride. Located deep in a haunted castle. Another roller coaster ride, this time, in the dark! Pretty enjoyable...

We also went for a short movie at the Roxy Theatre - Journey To The Centre of The Earth in 4D. Pretty enjoyable as well.

Then it was lunch time! There are a couple of restaurants and cafe in the park but it's pretty costly, obviously. So we headed to a fast food restaurant for some cheaper lunch - Burger and Chips.

After lunch, it was some action time at the Hollywood Stunt Driver show. A burnt tyre smelling, adrenalin pumping action show. A MUST WATCH!! I went for this twice, once when it wasn't raining and once when it just finished raining. 2 very different experience. When the roads wet, it's less kan-cheong than when it's not. You won't feel the thrill as much as when it's not raining. Trust me. 

It's story is based on some jewellery robbers robbing a jewellery stall. Robbers being chased by polices. You get the story. Below are some pictures of the action.

The last show of the day was the Star Parade where almost all the cartoon characters come parading down the street in the picture above. You know what that means??? CAMWHORING TIME!!! :)

Lucky boy got his picture taken with Batman.. I wanted to take pics with Sylvester and Catwoman :(

Below are pictures that I snapped during their parade.

Daffy Duck

One of my favourite Looney Tunes Character - Sylvester!!! <3

Tweety Bird

Scooby Doo clan

And the Hollywood Stunt Driver clan
Apart from them, there's still batman, joker, catwoman.

After the parade, we went to check out some of the shops available.

This shop below will definitely interest those Harry Potter fans out there...

Harry, Hermione and Ron dolls. Funny thing about these dolls, the pricing.

Harry = $20
Ron & Hermione = $10

Familiar sight???

I like how this Guest Services office's look. So mysterious...

Oh and Ben & Jerry's opening soon!!! :)

General Admission: $74.99
with VIP pass: $33.33

Next post: Wet n Wild. Watch this space :)

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