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Dec 30, 2010

Gold Coast : When Summer Officially Starts

Oh gosh, after being in Aussie for about a year, I'm so dependent on the fast internet they provide over there that I can't stand the slow tortoise internet that I have to go tru back here in KL. Well, at least I have internet to use, so no complains there. Just keep chanting this "patience patience". 

Awhile ago, I visited Gold Coast with the Planner/Navigator. Our trip there was 1 big drama which I won't go into. Arrived in Coolangatta Airport at around 8 plus. Took a shuttle bus from the airport to our backpackers - Cheers International Backpackers

Cheers backpackers is located about 10plus minutes walk away from Surfer's Paradise, along this quiet residential street. From the pictures below, you can tell that it's a bar/backpackers, and walls in the land down under are all paper thin, so it gets pretty noisy at night. Sometimes even up till 4 in the morning! Pretty irritating I must say.

Service vice at this place, I'll give a 3 out of 10. Only 1 girl was friendly to us, the other 3 were practically useless as they didn't even give any eye contact, they weren't polite, and they were pretty impatient. And I don't even want to mention about their kitchen. Yes, you can buy your own groceries and cook your own meal but once you see the kitchen, I don't think you'll have the appetite to cook there. And yes, we ate out all the time. But food from Coles and bento sets from this Japanese stall.

They provide double rooms and dorm rooms. You can check for rates tru their website here. Dorm rooms accommodates 4 people and double rooms, 2. In double rooms, you'll get your own fridge and and TV and of coz privacy. Toilets are obviously shared among everyone. Cleanliness, 5? still bearable. There're about 7 toilets, so no worries of queuing and waiting. Other than that, if you're one who just needs a place to stay and not one who cares much bout the appearance and cleanliness of a place, this can be 1 of your option.

Below are some pictures of the place.

1st thing you'll see once you step into Cheers - Pool Tables.

Check-in counter.

Eating area, meeting area, hang out spot.
The bar counter.

They even have some arcade gaming machines.

Decos on the ceiling. only noticed they hung jerseys on their ceiling on the day we checked out.

The double Room.

Budget for this post:
Air Tickets: $90 (return)
Shuttle Bus: $33 (return)
Backpackers (Double Room): $75 per night (between 2 person)

Since the beach is not far away, we spent the whole day tanning on the beach. The day we arrived, was the only day that was sunny the whole day. The rest of the week, it was rainy rainy rainy~~~ 

Our awesome beach towels

From the picture above, you can safely say that the waves were massive! Pretty awesome. They're pretty strict with their swimming borders tho, YOU HAVE TO SWIM IN BETWEEN THE 2 YELLOW FLAGS!!! 

Another thing while planning to go to Gold Coast, NEVER EVER GO DURING THEIR SCHOOLIES SEASON! I think it's during the last week of november till beginning of December. Schoolies refers to the Year 12 school leavers. It's like this tradition they do every year where Year 12 leavers travels to Gold Coast to enjoy their summer holis and basically just drink and party till they drop dead...

It's such a big thingy that they even set up stalls for them to customize their schoolies t-shirts and tank tops.

*Warning: They are EVERYWHERE!!! *

So be careful when you're there during schoolies season, the crowd tends to get a little rowdy, as they party pretty crazily...

Next Post: The parks!!! So stay tune ;)

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