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Oct 2, 2008

Eagle Eye~~~

Just came back from Pyramid after watching the long awaited movie of 1 of my favourite actor - Shia LaBeouf, also starring Michelle Monaghan... (well she's not that important... hehehe... most important is my Shia LaBeouf... wahahahha)

Here's a short synopsis of the movie...

Shia Labeouf plays a young slacker whose twin brother has died mysteriously. Rachel (Monaghan) finds that her child is missing, and soon the two strangers realize that they have been framed as terrorists. Forced to become members of a cell that has plans to carry out a political assassination, they must work together to extricate themselves while being led by a mysterious voice.

i know who the mysterious voice is... but... obviously i'm not gonna tell you guys... you have to watch for yourself...(i'm being sooo good... normally, i would just spoil the movie and shoot all the secrets out... but i'm not gonna spoil HIS movie... hehehe)

It's filled with soooooooo much action.... and the way the mysterious voice leads them is soooooooo smart and accurate... hahahahha...(you'll know what i mean once you've watched it...) Lots of explotions... FIRE!!! hahaha... i have to say, Shia LaBeouf is 1 really good actor... lol... you have to admit it too... don't deny... lol...

But even though the storyline and the actions were great... No one nor anything is perfect... i felt a lil giddy after watching the movie due to the shacky camera movements to sort of create the effects for the movie... but it's just toooo much for me...


a MUST watch movie!!!

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