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Feb 2, 2009

The No.1 takes it AGAIN!!!

World's No.1 indeed. The one and only Rafael Nadal crushes his biggest rivalry - Roger Federer's dream once again by taking home the trophy. It took a total of 4 hours and 23 minutes to break Federer's soft tennis heart, being the 1st Spanish to win the Australian Open. Being Nadal's 1st time competing on the hard-court, I must say that he's just a natural born World No. 1!!!

Even he's showing everyone he's No.1
A game not to be missed. Just look at how many thousands of people showed up for the game. Inside and outside of the stadium.

Judging by the game that ended about an hour or so, ago, Nadal must be sooo relieved that he can finally take a goodnight rest (actually, it should be a good morning rest over there) after just beating Fernendo Verdesco in a record breaking 5 hours and 14 minutes a day ago. In lest than 48 hours of rest, and yet another 4 hours game. Should i say, What a tennis hero? That's what his fans are probably saying now. While watching the LIVE game earlier, there was a girl fan holding up a sign stating 'Do it for me Rafael, it's my birthday today'. Weird but he'll never get to read it. 1st, he doesn't know she exist. 2nd, she so far up the stadium. and 3rd, he never even laid eyes at the spectators at all. Only had eyes for his rackets, his games, his bottles and his BANANA! And while watching Nadal play, I've noticed something really strange about him. He tends to put his things in the exact spot every time he moved them. For example, after taking a bite off his banana, he'll put it back at the exact spot and it must be laid straight and the skin closing the flesh completely. another example, when he's drinking his water. He has to hold it bottle in the RIGHT position and then putting it back at the very very exact spot it was before. Perfectionist i should say? and there's always a very funny action he does while playing. Every time he serve, he tends to do his little serving routine - picking 2 balls of 3 that was passed to him, then slide 1 ball into his pocket and straight away, he'll pull his arm backwards and pull his pants out of his butt crack. Pants too tight there Nadal? Well, although he's weird, I still LOVE him! ha! thanks to my sister who got me into the game while he was beating Verdesco. At 1st i was only going for the looks (as usual), then i slowly got to know how amazing he was in tennis. (yeah, you'd probably guessed it. I'm not a sports person. Never watched all these competition.)

OK, back to the Finals! Another exiting game to catch. So many close calls. BUT. Nadal won! Yet again beating Federer like before in the Wimbledon Final in 2005.

It's a wonder where he got his strength from. Compared to Federer, Nadal spent exactly 14 hours and 35 minutes on court while Federer - 12 hours and 35 minutes. and yet Nadal still managed to stretch himself till the end. At the very end, during the speeches, the well known gentle player, world's No. 2 - Roger Federer,27; had a hard time giving his speech. He cried and had to settle himself down while Pete Sampras gave the huge cup to Nadal. And before Nadal walked to the mic, Federer made his move, not wanting to snatch the last words, saving it for Nadal. And tried once more to give his speech, he managed to, but still cried. And after the poor girlfriend or fiance of his, sat through the whole game, tensed, Federer never thanked her. how sad! But he was quite cute starting off his 2nd chance of speech. The night (or morning) ended with Nadal's last words of thanks to everyone in the stadium.

A tennis match-made in heaven indeed.
The World's No.1, Always the World's No.1!!!

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