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Jan 25, 2009

The Year Of The OX!!!

It's the end of the old year, and welcome of the New YEAR...

And this new year, happens to be the Year Of The OX~~~

It's going to be a moo-licious year ahead so gamble your way through this red occasion and collect as much red packets as you can to survive the year (of recession)...

But most importantly, give and take as much happiness and prosperity as you can. That's the most important thing. You know why? Because no winnings or red packet contents can buy happiness. wah~~~

Anyway... Just drop by to wish you guys -

It's time to sit back, relax and watch some dancing lions perform their glorious stunts with the help of the loud banging by the Chinese drummers, well drummer actually...

Better do as you're told or else...

The big giant grey OX will come chasing after you!!!

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

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