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Jan 20, 2009

Seeing RED... again

*Warning! Lots of RED in this post*

I've been seeing too much red this month. The month of January - the month of Chinese New Year. Apart from seeing bloody red about 1 week and half ago - my accident at work which left me with a bloody hand, now I'm seeing RED everywhere else.

I'm seeing red decorations in Mid Valley, Sunway Pyramid, The Gardens (well, theirs are pink but it's in the red family). With beautiful red and pinkish lanterns hanging all over the mall, especially in the centre courts. Mid Valley has yet again out done themselves by hanging long strips of material with cuttings that form designs and patterns on them like you can see in the pictures below. Other than that, they hung red lanterns of different shapes and sizes. It's practically damn bloody RED.
Mid Valley's Centre Court.
Just outside Metrojaya, Mid Valley.
This is also Mid Valley's Centre Court,Taken after a 9pm movie with my dad
(See the lil guy in the picture, he's practicing his acrobats with his team. He's also dressed in RED)
The Garden's Centre Court. (At least their CNY deco's better than their Christmas deco)
OK, other than seeing red hand, red decorations. Have you guys watched the new RED movie yet? Well it's actually the second part of the movie.

RED Cliff - Part 2
This is a Chinese epic film based on the Battle of Red Cliffs and events during the end of the Han Dynasty and immediately prior to the period of the Three Kingdoms in ancient China. You can read more about it by clicking 'Red Cliff'

Red Cliff Part 1
My cousin sis (from my mom's side) has yet again won 8 tickets to the premier of this movie. Seriously, this cousin of mine, has like this winning streak going on. Whatever competitions she joined whether it's a radio competition, tru the TV or newspaper. She'll win. Once, she joined this astro CSI competition and won RM3000. And she doesn't even watch CSI for crying out loud!!! She even won tickets for the 1st part of Red Cliff. Too bad that 'power' of hers can't be used on buying lotteries. Ha!

In my personal opinion, I prefer the 1st part of Red Cliff. The 1st part has more action as compared to the 2nd part. More strategies. It makes it more interesting. But the second part is not bad too - the cunning schemes they come up with. Anyway, it's a MUST watch show on my list. Though, i prefer IP Man's actions to Red Cliff. (I know, i can't compare these 2 movies) But their both stories about China's history so i thought why not just join 2 movies in 1 post.

IP Man is another MUST watch movie.

Starring : Donnie Yen
The Kung Fu stunts here are AWESOME~~~ Someone sooo humble, gaining the WHOLE town's respect. Even at his lowest time in life - where he had to abandon his wealthy life and strive like the rest of the town, people still respected him - calling him Yip Sifu whenever they bump into him. Unbelievable!!!
This is the REAL IP Man.
His son, Ip Ching, published a book about his late father. (even the words on the book cover's RED)

Anywayz, I'm already out of the topic, back to the RED topic.

I went CNY shopping with my mom on sat. And it's my most satisfying CNY shopping ever!!! I actually managed to buy the clothes that i really wanted and not clothes that i have to search high and low without any idea of what I'm searching for. Happy Happy ME!!! It's really gonna be a RED Chinese New Year.

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!!!

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