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Feb 4, 2009

A New Tradition?

So, every year, as a Chinese, we'll have reunion dinner every year the day before CNY. And in the Lee Family, we always have steamboat for reunion. a big pot of boiling hot soup in the middle of the table and surrounding it are tons of raw food. And when i say tons, i mean tons~~~ My grandma has this thinking of hers that, without mountains of leftover means that it's not enough. Even when the amount of food is just nice to fill all our tummies, No leftovers means NOT enough. Anyway, we've been doing the same old thing since forever now, steamboat in the house without the owners around (the owners have their own reunion dinner at their father's side). Weird, i know.

But this year, the year of the OX. We, the Lee Family thought of having a change. This year, we had home cooked food instead of self-cooked food. And this year, we had the owners around to have reunion dinner together as ONE whole big family - The Lee-Goh Family. Well, although we had a change, but we kept to 1 tradition from our Lee Family Reunion Dinner, which is - No Leftovers means NOT enough. Just that this time round, we had a mini mountain instead of one as big as mt. Everest (well, maybe mt. KK) left behind on the table.

Our home cooked dishes were not bad. We decided to have Chinese-Western-Japanese style to break our reunion tradition. (You'll see what it means by Chinese-Western-Japanese style tru the pictures.) But before we start we dinner, we got to have lunch first right? So... Amanda and I went to have...

Pepper lunch!!!

We went over to Takashimaya just to have our taste buds taste like pepper lunch. Ooo, the beef, the rice with loads of black pepper drowned in Honey Brown Sauce and Garlic Sauce. Mmmm, just by describing it makes me HUNGRY!!!

This is the complete look of the set. (Amanda's set)

This is her, showing how delicious and happy she is eating it.
And this is mine. Funny and weird as it seems. I don't like corn, so yeah... Gave it all to her.
Mmm.... Yummy....
OK, lunch's over. Now DINNER!!! You guys should probably had noticed that my last few post (except my No.1 - Rafael Nadal) are all on food. This shows that lately, I've been eating a lot. Those who knows me well, knows that i already eat a lot. So yeah, these posts shows that I'm eating more!!! And I've gained 1kg from them. Ha!!!

Anyway~~~ it's dinner time, so lets focus on MY reunion dinner.

The 1st ever Lee-Goh Family Reunion.

Abalone with mushroom, dried scallop and some other things.
Grilled Salmon!!!
Grandma's Boneless Chicken cooked with cashew nuts and dried chillies.
Dad's style fish. This fish was purposely flown in from KK by my sister just for the reunion.
Western Style Pork Ribs.
Miso Soup
And behind all this yummy dishes. Well, of course we need a chef to cook those delicious dishes. And that's obviously NOT me, of coz. It is none other than....

My Dad!!!
Judging by his tummy, you know he not only cooks well, but eats well too. A lil too well if you ask me. Haha... oh, and that's my aunt - the owner of the house, watching carefully so that my dad doesn't kill her kitchen like he kills at home. which is good if you want good food.
And after over filling our tummies. A good way to digest those food would be a game of MahJong.

Jerome, Amanda, My Sis, My Mom and myself; took turns too keep my grandma happy by playing MahJong with her. (her favourite game) Of coz, Jerome and I sat through the whole game with her. And it not only keeps my grandma happy, it keeps all of us happy too. (If we win, that is.)

So, let me show you my happy moments during the game.

This game won me 6.40 sg.
And these are my heroes. These cards won me 20 sg!!!

It was a fun night. A very satisfying night. I think I won about 30 sg during that short game. But what's the use when you go loosing it the next day. Jeez... =.='

Well, have a goodnight people!!!

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