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Feb 8, 2009

Afternoon in the Living Room

Spent the whole afternoon in the Living Room, Westin, KL for Hi-tea today.

The atmosphere was cozy like in an actual living room. With a 45mins live band going to every table, playing songs that were requested by the guests.

The food was great. Although, there weren't much varieties to choose from, but at least there were something to satisfy my tummy and make it sort of worth the money paid. The original price per person's RM88++, but with the Starwood member card that my parents have, it was 50% off for us. So, at least the price was OK.

1st dish has to be my favourite of course, although most people will leave the best for last, but I'm afraid if i do that, I'll be too full to eat what i loved most - Pasta. Well, it doesn't look appetizing in this picture because I didn't add those garnishes that was supposed to be added to make it more appetizing. But the sauce was good - Beef Bolognese.

Next up, some Teppanyaki. The sauce they used to cook was just amazing - Mongolian Pepper Sauce they called it. It was so delicious that i just couldn't resist it and had to go back for more. 3 times more actually.
And after trying all the other dishes, it was Dessert Time!!! The dessert selections were sooo sweet looking, so tempting, so colourful, so candy-like. It was like being in a Candy Land where you had tons of selections of candies to choose from - Just that here, they had less than what Candy Land can offer, but still good enough to sweeten our taste buds. Just look at them!!! (although, the pictures taken might not be as Candy-Fantasy-Like, but at least it'll give you a picture of what I'm talking about.)

The way they displayed their chocolates was just somehow eye-catchy to me. No idea why but probably because it was kind of creative in a sense. (although i have seen displays like that before.) They displayed their little truffles and other chocolates on table spoons and hung it on to this glass-like-wall like in the picture.

And they also served lil candies in tubes which was also eye-catchy and yes, I've also seen food being served in tubes before. Well, drinks actually.

And of coz, there won't be a grand dessert finale without the famous chocolate fountain. Served with of coz - strawberries, marshmallows. and the weirdest fruit to go with chocolate but it actually tasted good - Jack fruit.
The strawberries may seem red and sweet, but in actual fact, their superbly sour. (well, according to my parents because I don't take strawberries.)

And for my parent's Grand Finale - Coffee...

Latte (I love looking at the layers and also the designs of the foam. it's so elegant and nice.)
And Dad's Teh Tarik, lol.
It was a really good lunch I have to say. Delicious, satisfying and not so expensive. Went home with a full, happy stomach. Nice to spend my off day eating, and really sick of the thought that i have to return to work tomorrow!!! Sad to say, having off day is like not having 1 at all. Time just flies too fast!!!

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