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Sep 27, 2008

The Result of Letting Bored-ness Take Over You~~~

Ever felt bored till you feel like dying??? Well, DON"T!!! it'll make you go nuts!!! seriously, bored-ness need to be controlled too... or else... it'll just strike you and turn you into someone who will do outrageous things.... although some might be bad, some might me mad... BUT some might just be plain old creative and hillarious!!!!

Think i'm crapping? well DON'T!!! because i'm not... and because i've seen 1 person who allowed his bored-ness to take over him (but this guy was lucky that the strike didn't turn him nuts)... i'm serious!!! still think i'm crapping??? then click the link and find out yourself... don't say i didn't warn you!!! it's really funny~~~

This link needs parental guidance... because you may be exposed to high dose of laughter and might burst your stomach...

Click here at your own risk!!!

Let me know the results of seeing it yourself!!! hehehehhe...

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