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Feb 4, 2010

Taiwan - Part 2 : Taipei 101

Visited the current world's tallest building in the world - Taipei 101, on the second day of my Taiwan trip.

But before heading there, we had breakfast at this beef noodle stall called 'Dong Sun', hidden in the back lanes which my dad found.
Here's the guy happily tenderizing the meat.

These are the condiments for our noodle. It's considered a lot as we're usually given only chillie sauce back in KL.

My Braised beef noodle. I have to say, this was the best beef noodle I had in Taiwan.
Sadly I only got to eat it once :(

The picture below is a MUST take. Why?
Because... This is the 1st time in my 20 years of life I hear my dad said he was full and unable to finish his food. And it's breakfast! your tummy is suppose to be craving for food. (well, his tummy at least.) Even I finished my noodle. Plus the whole bowl of soup!

He didn't have tummy space to finish his food, but he had tummy space for a cup of Wilbeck's coffee. He drinks at least 1 cup of this coffee everyday when we were in Taipei! even bought home 2 packs of their coffee powder!

This shop is owned mainly by 3 young friends (guys) and i think there are 2 other friends of theirs investing in it. It only sells a few types of coffee beans, hot cocoa and tea.
A small cozy looking coffee places serving mainly to on-the-gos... They roast their own coffee beans, grinds their own beans. Basically does from step A-Z all on their own. Their beans are pretty fresh and very very VERY fragrant!

The best part is, when you want to buy their beans, 1st you have to choose the type of coffee beans you want, then you'd have to tell them what kind of coffee machine or plunger you're using and they'll grind them accordingly/

This is the coffee bean roaster they use.
So authentic looking and cool!

Then we headed to the Taipei Subway Station.

After arriving at Hall City Station, we had to take a bus to Taipei 101.
And along the way, there was this mall called New York New York, and there was this statue of liberty there. Don't think the americans would appreciate such art.

Finally! Taipei 101 - The tallest building in the world! At the moment.

Of coz, family pictures with the building is a must.
but my smart cousin brother took our picture without being able to see the building.
Why? he said coz if he takes the building, then we won't be able to see our faces in the picture, we'll be like ants. =.='

So anyway, before heading up to the Observatory, we had to fill our tummies 1st.

These 2 cousin bros of mine, wonder around the WHOLE food court. Yes, the food court was quite big. And ended up with something really familiar.


We bought awesome ice-cream for dessert!
5 different flavors.

Look at everyone attacking it once it's placed on the table.

And off to the observatory!!!!

The Taipei 101 has 101 floors, thus the name - Taipei 101.
But we were only allowed on the 88th and 89th floor.
Usually the 90th floor is opened to public but for some reason of the weather being unsuitable for people to visit, it was closed when we were there.
This tower is built to withstand typhoons and earthquakes.

Now this part is quite disturbing.
My aunt had this idea of asking my uncle and my dad to go shit in the toilet on the 89th floor. (because they always have to download after a meal, especially breakfast)
Which means they've shitted on the highest toilet in the world and then they can really say that they've been there, done that.

But my cousin bro and I were the ones who said we've been there done that instead of the 2 men. HAHAHAHA!!!

Anyway, this is the few from the 89th floor.

This is the magic golden ball.
Known as the Tuned Mass Damper.
Suspended from the 92nd to the 88th floor, the pendulum sways to offset movements in the building caused by strong gusts.
And with this Damper, thus the Taiwan's mascots were created.

The Baby Dampers. comes in 4 different colour.

Here's the silver 1.

And the yellow 1... There's also a black and a red.

There was this coral shop on the 87th floor. The coral sculptures displayed were really incredible!

For example this pink owl below.

and these pandas.

In the gift shops, i notice they displayed these olden chinese warriors figurings.\
There were about 6 of them if I remember correctly.

But somehow I find this character the coolest one.
He looks like the bad character. The bad characters usually looks cooler and better.

And after that, we took a cab to the nearest night market - Rao He Night Market.

Had dinner there and went back to the hotel.

And as usual, my 2 cousin bros and I will wonder on the streets for supper before going to bed.
And the good thing about Taiwan's mini marts like 7-11, Family Mart; they ALWAYS have cooked food like this herbal egg.

OH yes, when you're in Taiwan.
You'll probably see these 3 shops everywhere, every street.
Like even like directly opposite of each other on the opposite street.

1. 7-11. They sometimes have 2 7-11 on the same street if the street's a long 1...

2. Starbucks. Every corner of the street has 1.

And 3. Family Mart.

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