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Feb 4, 2010

Taiwan - Part 3 : Palace & ShiLin Night Market

So now to Part 3.
Our 3rd in Taiwan started with the usual small snacks and of coz...
Wilbeck's coffee...

Fried Bread with meat or vege in it. You can even have Egg used as the bread.
Quite delicious!
Dad's breakfast - Super spicy yucky inside stuff.
Today, we headed to the National Palace Museum.
Where they display all the old weapons, kitchen utensils, flower vases and old artsy stuff.
You can rent these recorders to listen to the whole history of each displays.

But we couldn't be bothered to listen coz it'll be like going tru history classes in school again. haha
But my parents rented.

There were a lot of group tours that day from China.
And boy were they pushy!!!! Real asses.
Really rude to the max! (no offense to Readers from China, if any)
But seriously, they don't know how to use the word 'excuse me' at all!!!
Just push and fight their way through like those olden displays are gonna run away =.='
So all of us got to surround my 80 year old grandma from those bulls.

My dad sure had fun being our fake tour guide...
After all the hassle, we decided to relax with Dim Sum lunch at the restaurant in the museum.
The food was not bad. Very tasty.

But the best was their Chicken Soup!!!
Uber awesome tasty!!!
The picture may seem oily, but it doesn't give you the feeling of wanting to puke.
The soups very light and well seasoned I would say..

After lunch, it was some family picture time...

That's the National Palace Museum.
That's some other building next to the museum.

After that, we just drove along the hillside and before you know it, it's dark already.
And when it's dark, it's dinner time!!!
Taiwan's night time is longer than day time.
By 5pm, it'll be like 8pm in Malaysia.

So for dinner, we ate at a famous night market in Taiwan - Shi Lin Market.

We tried the Taiwan Sausage. When we ordered, we just said we want 1, and we assumed we'll be getting a whole foot long, but we only got half of it. hahaha.
But it was definitely tasty that I even enjoyed it. ( i'm not really a fan of sausages.)
Oh, and everyone who's been to this night market, will definitely ask you to try their famous fried chicken. They'll say it's uber tasty and all. The only fried chicken stall with a lot of people queuing.

So when we were there, we went to try this so called famous fried chicken.
This is only half the amount of people lining up to grab a bite of the chicken.
And let me tell you, after queing up for sooooo long, we tasted ordinary fried chicken =.='
It was such a big deal. In fact, the stall selling this chicken in Singapore tasted much better.
This we find it tooo floury after 4 bites and uber oily!!!
So, don't give such a big hype to it when you're there. Don't expect too much or you might end up getting disappointed.

Oh, and I tried pig's blood. It was HORRIBLE!!!!!!
It looked sooo different compared to the pig blood we get in KL.
Their's look like black glutinous rice. So my sis told me it was some type of glutinous rice, and I believed her and ate. URGH!!!
Tried duck's tongue too...
After walking for quite awhile, we decided to sit down for some cooling dessert. And next to this dessert stall was this stall selling little egg breads.
It comes in different shapes like the gun in the picture, elephant, pig, chicken, bird and motorbike. Also saw a stall selling all the spongebob characters.
But this stall with the gun, tasted the best!!
They're also sort of famous for this sugar coated fruit candy snack.
So I decided to try them. And eeeeeeee...
It's a nono! Unless maybe if you try the strawberry.

These are the other things we saw that caught our attention while walking to the subway station. (decided to take the subway back to the hotel)

This shop renting all sorts of guns for a game something like paintball.

And this really unique, cute, adorable lil cat in a petshop.
Not really a fan of cats but this is really cute!!! (the white and black 1)
While the other kittens took turns to play in the pee pool, this little one just uses it's paw to touch while staying outside of the pool.
But before we head home, we decided to check out this place called Xi Men Ting.
Which is said to be crowded with young adults.
As I was taking picture of the place, from far, I noticed I saw 3 'things' that weren't meant to roam the streets. I rubbed my eyes soo many times and I still see them. Got a little shocked but turns out they were dress in ghost costume to promote some event.

These were the 3 'things' I saw.

After that, we just headed back to the hotel and rest...

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