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Feb 4, 2010

Taiwan - Part 5 : Strawberries & Wine

We were on the way to a place called Sun Moon Lake.
Stayed there for a night. Along the way, we stopped for a quick toilet break.
When we were there, it was empty at 1st, but when we were walking back to the van, it was hidden!!
Hidden by all the other tour buses!!! but thank god we were leaving when they arrived. It was packed with humans!!! like really really packed.
So back on the road, we passed this stretch of road that has these 'Pin Lang' stalls by the side.
These stalls are operated by sexy young ladies who dresses with bikinis and cloths that they can't afford to buy, so they end up wearing very little.

The driver told us, the girl in the stall that we stopped to buy from (pic below) was considered over dressed.
This is the 'Pin Lang' we bought. It's a seed which they wrap with a leave and a bit of drug/alcohol in it. Usually sold to those midnight truck/lorry drivers who will be driving the whole night. It says it'll keep them awake. No idea how. Though it tastes awfully bitter!!!! And it also makes your teeth black!
We stopped at a Strawberry Farm for some fresh strawberries.
They even have sausages in strawberry flavor!!!
OH, there was this really cute bulldog at the farm named Ruby.
She's in love with those strawberry sausages. She'll practically go goo goo ga ga over those sausages (like in the picture). She won't go for anything else but this sausage. Not even a fresh strawberry fruit. And there's no way in tricking her. That's our driver in the picture feeding Ruby.
While everyone else were testing the strawberry wines, my Dad decided to be a clown for a few minutes. Like wearing that straw hat, pretending to be a Vietnamese girl.
And dragging my mom into it as well...
After that, it was lunch time. The driver took us to this little town that's famous for their flat rice noodle soup. They had some really delicious small snacks too. We were soooo hungry that we literally attacked the little snacks while waiting for our noodle to arrive.
This is the noodle...
After lunch, we headed to a chinese winery. Beside it were stalls selling random stuff.
There was this 1 stall that was performing the making of Bamboo Candy. The guy stretches the candy into long strips again and again and then when it hardens, he cuts it into strips.
And the candy is hollow too... Really nice simple Bamboo candy that requires a lot of 'Kung Fu' haha.
Then a little short visit to the chinese winery.
And then, on with our journey to a small town by the lake called 'Sun Moon Lake'...

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