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Jan 20, 2010

Taiwan - Part 1. (Taipei)

Another long awaited post...

Went to Taiwan in December 2009 for 8 days.
So here's Day 1.

When we arrived at the TaoYuan International Airport in Taipei, while collecting our luggages, they had this really cute beagle coming around to sniff the bags...

as soon as we got all our luggages, we then went to catch a cab to our hotel.
And here in Taipei, some cabs don't use air fresheners. They prefer to use fresh flowers as air fresheners.
In the cab I was sitting, he had a few HUGE lilies to make his car smell nice..
They were really big. and it really made the whole car smell really nice...

Our hotel is about 1 hour plus away from the airport.
And it was during the peak hour, but the traffic's on the other direction (towards the airport).
So we were counting ourselves lucky.
But after going half way tru our journey, we received a call from the airport stating that we took the wrong luggage.
Another family, also a family of 4, children were also 2 girls (but little girls), also from Malaysia; happen to have the exact same luggage as us, same color, same luggage tag. =.='
So we had to U-turn back to the airport, face the peak hour traffic and back towards the hotel again... sigh =.=' how clumsy...

So finally we arrived,

This is our room..
Small but very comfortable...

Unloaded all our baggages and went out for dinner.
Our hotel's location is very strategic.
Surrounded by food! and less than 5 mins walk to the subway station.

We had Xiao Long Bao for dinner and some fried dumplings to start with..
Wasn't very nice though and the people there weren't very polite and patient.

Then we walked to the next shop selling some interesting bao called water steamed baos.
They have mince meat bao or vege bao.
Both tasted really nice...

Then we took a lil stroll down the streets while waiting for my Singapore cousins to arrive.
Walked till this cross junction where all 4 sides, the whole row of streets were selling cameras...
It was like a mini camera town...

Then there was this old man who had a lil stall selling this snack that has either butter or red bean filling in it. No idea what it's called. But it was definitely good.
the butter 1 though, I'm not a fan of red beans.

Then we stopped at this soy bean shop that sells hot and cold soy desserts with all healthy fillings like red beans, yam, soya beans and so on...
Not really a fan of tao fu hua, but this was good...
very smooth and not too sweet... Definitely can't get this in Malaysia.

And when the Singapore clan arrive, we again walked along the same streets.
Ate along the way of coz and took a walk down to the subway station.
They have shops there too. Selling clothes, jeweleries, food and they even have a mini arcade there too...

That's about it for Day 1.
Stay tune for Day 2..

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