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Apr 17, 2010

Pancake Parlour

Here in Australia, when you shop at their supermarkets, be it Coles or Safe Way.. Behind your receipt, there will be some promotional vouchers. And Maekhoo and I got some Buy 1 Free 1 Short Stack Pancake vouchers from Pancake Parlour.
Pancake Parlour is known to be pricy, so obviously we couldn't afford to eat there normally. But with this voucher, we thought why not? 10aud for 2 sets of short stack pancakes. Better not let the vouchers go to waste right?

It's a pretty cozy and fun looking place with all their hot-air balloon pictures on the top walls. There was even a model of the hot-air balloon hanging right above us which I thought of taking it just before we left but being the forgetful bug I am, I forgot!!! >.<

So we can either choose to have our short stack pancakes with Butter, Cream or Ice-cream.

I chose Ice-Cream!!! and this is my pancake...

Maekhoo chose butter and this is her stack... That's either Maple syrup or Honey that she poured over the stacks...

Overall I thought the pancakes were alright. Only satisfactory, nothing special. The best place for pancakes is still the one I went with my Dad and Sis in Adelaide which I can't remember where in Adelaide. Somewhere near Rundle Mall. Oh and the best part, it's 24 hours!!! Went there almost every night for late night dessert when I was in Adelaide for vacation. :D

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