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Apr 13, 2010

Homesick No More...

With all the bbm-ing with the Awesome Group about chilli pan mee and chicken rice and all the Malaysian delicacies, just makes me homesick. (For the food only, hehe)

Was in the city last Sunday, and discovered this lil restaurant - Malaysian Chicken Rice & Wantan Noodles Restaurant.
Got all excited about it and decided to have dinner there. And OMG! once you step into that restaurant, besides having to squeeze your way into the restaurant, the smell of the chicken rice's rice, I guarantee you'll go WOW~~~ MMMM~~~
And it is as good as it smells and looks too!!! Now whenever I feel homesick, I'm going to indulge in this busy restaurant for sure!! Only 1 thing, it's 1 hour there and back to the city from my house :(

Roast Chicken and BBQ Pork Rice - Siew Kai Char Siew Fan!!!
Pork Noodle
Coconut Mince meat and BBQ Pork Wantan Mee...
For dessert,

Soya Bean Cendol with Gula Melaka!!! but the Gula Melaka is not as nice and thick as the one we get at home. It's so diluted here..

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did :P

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