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Mar 26, 2009

Goodbye My Spotty Friend

Known as " Man's Best friend ", always loyal, sometimes obedient. Adorable as always!

Once around, now gone...

Just got a really terrible news from my mom earlier tonight. Apparently, my grandma's mixed Dalmatian passed away last night due to an ear infection. Can a dog die of ear infection?! Is that even possible?!?!?! Man was it shocking to receive such news...

I remember when my grandma 1st got it, i was like what, 13? 14? or even younger... And now I'm... well, sadly, I'm 20. Not really proud being 20 but.. Anyway, it's just so sad to hear that this adorable girl - Fa Li Lok- meaning messy in Cantonese i think, just died out of a sudden, with no proper explanation of the cause of death.

From what i heard, my grandma sent her to the vet and went home. Later in the day, when she wanted to go back to visit, the doctor didn't allow saying that she needs rest, it's best not to come see... Which freaking monkey doctor in the world would stop an owner from visiting their own pet friend?!?!?!?! Even if it's sooo serious that they need to be quarantined, the owners still deserved the rights to at least see them from a far right?!?!?! Later at night, the doctor called my grandma saying that she died. And when my grandma asked why, the only explanation given (with a tone of ignorance) was "erm, I think got cancer kua...". According to my grandma, the way the doctor answered her questions were like he was trying to give excuses. And according to what I've heard, I'm soooo freaking pissed at the doctor and really sad that she's gone now.

My heart felt like it has just been swallowed down my stomach when i got the news. I'm just so out of words.

This is she -Fa Li Lok named after all the messy spots around her.
And yes, she's not a pure Dalmatian, that's why her spots are brown instead of black.

That's how messy her spots are.
It's really hard to not have her around when I go visit my Grandma in Ipoh now. Seeing her since she was a pup till she grew into a beautiful lady dog. Such a lost. Sigh.

Yes, we will miss you so much.
May you rest in peace.

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Anonymous said...

Dear SoYan,
I was deeply saddened to hear about the death of Fa Li Lok,I know how difficult this must be for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.I know how much you will miss Fa Li Lok.May God bless you during this time and always..


Anonymous said...
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