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Apr 27, 2009

Hell's Fashion Show

First of all, hello again butterflies...

Most of you would know what i meant by Hell right? My Hell. Well, on the 17th of April, I was finally freed from the burning place. Although I'm really happy to leave, I'm too very sad to leave the friends I've made back there. The people who helped me through my training. Thanks a lot Sheratonians!!! Really appreciate it!! :)

Besides learning what i should learn. I felt my whole training was like a fashion show. Where i had to change uniform every now and then. I liked some of the uniforms and also hated some... lol...

This was my 1st uniform. (The old Front Office Design)
Liked this...
My second and my longest Uniform (The butler uniform)
Love this...
My 3rd (The new Front Office Uniform)
Loved this...
Forgot to take picture of my 4th (Room Attendant Uniform)
My 5th (Housekeeping Desk Clerk Uniform)
Hate this (It's pink!!!!)
My 6th (Housekeeping Room Supervisor old Design)
Hate this... (it's sooo big)
And i too forgot to take my 7th (last) uniform - the Laundry/Linen Uniform

Just only being in that hotel for 3 and a half months, I've changed 7 times... haha...

Stay tune for my sabah/diving trip!!!

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