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Oct 12, 2011

SCREAM!!! It's Halloween Frangga!!!

Last Friday, after staying up all night the night before, rushing for a group assignment (and when I mean all night, I really meant ALL night), I was still able to scream it up at night at MONSU/OSS's Halloween Party. Tickets were only $10! and it comes with 2 free drinks. Who would ever turn it down?!


Trick or Treat! Photobucket

The boys did a really good job decorating the place.

Mr.Navigator as Gmail/Blackmail & Me as Red Riding Hood.

The rest of the bunch!


Drunken Zombie. 
I totally love his effort. He looks freaking scary with flash on!

Now here's a funny combination.
Instead of 'You've got mail', its 'You've got Corporate Mail'.

It was a totally fun night although I was super duper tired! Great Job Guys! All your hardwork paid off.
Thanks for a great party!

2 pixies comments:

Regina Ho said...

corporate mail?! hahaha. nais!

Soyanbutterfly said...

haha yeah.. funny right? hahahah